Late in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. retrasado(a) (not on time)
  • to be late (for something) llegar tarde (a algo)
  • the train is ten minutes late el tren tiene or lleva diez minutos de retraso or demora (Am)
2. tarde (far on in time)
  • it is getting late se está haciendo tarde
  • to keep late hours trasnochar
  • in the late afternoon al final de la tarde
  • in late summer al final del verano
  • in late March a últimos de marzo
  • it's a bit late in the day to… (sentido figurado) ya es un poco tarde para…
  • to be in one's late thirties tener treinta y muchos años
  • in the late eighties a finales de los ochenta
3. difunto(a) (dead)
  • my late husomebodyand mi difunto marido
4. tarde (in general)
  • to arrive too late llegar demasiado tarde
  • he came home very late llegó a casa muy tarde
  • to work late trabajar hasta tarde
  • this late in the day a estas alturas
  • to go to bed/get up late acostarse/levantarse tarde
  • late into the night hasta (altas horas de) la madrugada
  • late in the year a finales de año
  • late in life hacia el final de la vida
  • better late than never (Prov) más vale tarde que nunca
5. (recently)
  • as late as last week incluso la semana pasada
  • of late recientemente
late [leɪt] later (comparative)latest (superlative)
1 (towards end of period, day, month etc)
Their debut album was released late last year Tricia couldn't work out why the operator should suddenly ask for her number /this late in the conversation/ Very late in the judicial proceedings, the defense attorney introduced a new witness
he had arrived late the previous evening había llegado tarde la noche anterior
late at night muy de noche; ya entrada la noche
late in the morning a última hora de la mañana
late in the afternoon a media tarde
It was late in the evening before I returned to Baker Street
late in the year a finales del año
Late in the year, the President finally recognised the severity of the crisis
late in 1992/May a finales del año 1992/de mayo
The elections took place late in 1992/May
symptoms appear only late in the disease los síntomas aparecen solo cuando la enfermedad ya está muy avanzada; it wasn't until late in his career that he became famous solo al final de su carrera se hizo famoso; solo en los últimos años de su carrera se hizo famoso; they scored late in the second half metieron un gol ya bien entrado el segundo tiempo
late into the night hasta bien entrada la noche
we talked late into the night discussions carried on late into the night
late that night I got a phone call ya entrada la noche recibí una llamada de teléfono
too late demasiado tarde
late in the day (at the last moment) a última hora
it was the pensioners' vote late in the day which influenced the election
(too late)
it's a bit late in the day to be changing your mind es un poco tarde para cambiar de opinión
it's a little late in the day to start making changes
2 (after the usual time) [+get up, go to bed] tarde
I got up late this morning I went to bed late last night the lights are burning late in the town hall tonight
the chemist is open late on Thursdays la farmacia cierra tarde los jueves; everything is flowering very late this year todo está floreciendo tardísimo este año
she came late to acting empezó a actuar ya mayor
He had come quite late to oil painting, but had a highly developed sense of form and colour
Liz had started learning German quite late in life Liz había empezado a aprender alemán ya mayor
They married late in life and didn't have any children
to sleep late levantarse tarde
We slept late and didn't bother with breakfast
to stay up late irse a la cama tarde; trasnochar
I stayed up late to watch the film
to work late trabajar hasta tarde
I'll be working late tonight
3 (after arranged/scheduled time) [+arrive] tarde; con retraso
he arrived ten minutes late llegó con diez minutos de retraso; llegó diez minutos tarde
the train arrived half an hour late
they arrived late for dinner llegaron tarde or con retraso a la cena
We waited to interview the head of SLN, and he turned up two hours late
we're running late this morning llevamos retraso esta mañana
we're running about 40 minutes late llevamos unos 40 minutos de retraso; llevamos un retraso de unos 40 minutos
better late than never más vale tarde que nunca
It's been a long time coming, but better late than never I didn't officially know he was here because he never had the decency to tell me himself but still, better late than never I suppose
4 (recently)
as late as aún en
as late as 1950 aún en 1950
As late as the 1980's the vast majority of the population still regarded the Vietnam war as immoral
of late últimamente; recientemente
my wife has been rather tired of late
Jane Smith, late of Bristol Jane Smith, domiciliada hasta hace poco en Bristol
1 (towards end of period, day, month etc)
late morning última hora (f) de la mañana; late afternoon media tarde (f); late evening última hora (f) de la tarde; late 1989 finales de 1989
it wasn't until late 1989 that they managed to trace him in late 1995 we finally got back in touch flying over Tobago in the late afternoon, our captain pointed out the landmarks She was enjoying the cool late evening
it was very late and I was tired era muy tarde y estaba cansado; in late September/spring a finales de septiembre/de la primavera
we're going to Crete in late September The talks eventually broke down in late spring
in the late 1960s a finales de los años sesenta
...experiments done in the late 1960s
in the late 18th century a fines del siglo XVIII
In the late 18th century there was a change towards the heavy Rococo styles from German
to be in one's late thirties/forties rondar los cuarenta/cincuenta; tener cerca de cuarenta/cincuenta años
He was in his late thirties
it's getting late se está haciendo tarde
We've got to go now. It's getting late It was getting late when we boarded the ferry
late goal gol (m) de última hora
Hounslow snatched victory with two late goals owing to the late [hour] ...
I apologize for arriving at this late hour siento llegar a estas horas
even at this late stage incluso a estas alturas
2 (after arranged or scheduled time)
I apologize for my late arrival perdone/perdonen mi retraso; we apologize for the late arrival/departure of this train les rogamos disculpen el retraso en la llegada/salida de este tren; it was postponed to allow for late arrivals se aplazó por si alguien llegaba tarde or con retraso; our train was late again nuestro tren se retrasó otra vez; nuestro tren llegó con retraso otra vez; as usual, Jim was late como siempre, Jim llegó tarde or con retraso; como siempre, Jim se retrasó; sorry I'm late! ¡siento llegar tarde or con retraso!; you're late! ¡llegas tarde!; the train is 20 minutes late el tren llega con 20 minutos de retraso; el tren lleva un retraso de 20 minutos; she's 20 minutes late lleva 20 minutos de retraso; I was already ten minutes late ya llegaba diez minutos tarde; ya llevaba diez minutos de retraso; both my babies were late mis dos hijos nacieron más tarde de la fecha prevista; he was late (in) finishing his essay terminó la redacción con retraso; she was late (in) returning from work regresó tarde del trabajo; I was late (in) paying my phone bill me retrasé en pagar la factura del teléfono
she was late (in) handing in her essay
I'm late for my train voy a perder el tren
I'm late for work voy a llegar tarde al trabajo; I was half an hour late for my appointment llegué con media hora de retraso a la cita
a fault on the plane made us two hours late una avería en el avión nos retrasó dos horas
you're going to make me late for my appointment vas a hacer que llegue tarde a la cita
we got off to a late start empezamos tarde or con retraso
I was late with the payments me había retrasado en los pagos
3 (after usual or normal time) [+reservation, booking] de última hora; [+crop, flowers] tardío
This variety is better sown in May for a late crop He picked the best of the late roses for me
we had a late breakfast/lunch desayunamos/comimos tarde
Easter is late this year la Semana Santa cae tarde este año
"late opening till ten pm on Fridays" "los viernes cerramos a las diez"
my period is late se me está retrasando la regla
spring is late this year la primavera llega tarde este año
too late demasiado tarde
they tried to operate, but it was too late intentaron operar, pero era demasiado tarde
He braked, but it was too late ...a mother who was persuaded to give up her child for adoption and then changed her mind when it was too late I suddenly realised I'd left the bag on the train. Too late. The train had resumed its onward journey to Sheffield "Don't you still love me?" "It's too late, Shelagh. Too much has happened" it's too late [to]...
it's too late to change your mind es demasiado tarde para cambiar de opinión
It was too late to change his mind It was too late to plant flowers for that year
it's not too late (for you) to change your mind aún estás a tiempo para cambiar de opinión; it's never too late to ... nunca es demasiado tarde para ...
It's never too late to learn to play an instrument it's never too late to say you're sorry
5 (Hist) (Art)
late Baroque barroco (m) tardío; the late Middle Ages la baja edad media; a late Georgian house una casa de finales del periodo Georgiano; Beethoven's late symphonies las últimas sinfonías de Beethoven; Rembrandt's late work las últimas obras de Rembrandt
6 (dead) difunto
the late Harry Brown el difunto Harry Brown
my late wife
7 (former) antiguo
the late Prime Minister el antiguo primer ministro
late edition (n) edición (f) de última hora
The paper changed its front page for its late edition
intransitive verb
1. to beat (corazón)
  • en sus declaraciones late un cierto nerviosismo there is a certain amount of nervousness lurking in his statements
2. (parecer)
  • ¿vendrá? — me late que sí will she come? — I have a feeling she will (Mexican Spanish, Venezuelan Spanish)
intransitive verb
1 [+corazón] to beat; [+herida] to throb
2 (estar latente) to lie; lie hidden; lurk
3 [+perro] to bark
4 (And) (México)
me late que todo saldrá bien something tells me that everything will turn out all right
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