masculine noun
1. ballast (peso)
  • soltar lastre -> to discharge ballast
2. burden (estorbo)

lastre [lahs’-tray]
1. Rough stones used to ballast ships or build walls. (m)
2. Ballast, a freight put at the bottom of ships to keep them steady, lastage. (m)
  • Lastre grueso -> heavy ballast
  • Lastre lavado -> washed ballast
  • Ir en lastre -> to go in ballast
3. Weight, motive, judgment. (m)

1 (Náutica) (Técnica) ballast
en lastre (Náutica) in ballast
2 (inconveniente) burden
3 (sentido común) good sense; good judgment
4 (S. Cone) (comida) grub (familiar); chow (muy_familiar); (EEUU)

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