Lash in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. pestaña (f) (eyelash)
2. latigazo (m) (blow with whip)
transitive verb
3. azotar (with whip)
  • to lash (against) something azotar algo (rain, waves)
4. amarrar (tie)(to a)
intransitive verb
  • the rain or it was lashing down caían chuzos de punta
lash [læʃ]
1 (eyelash) pestaña (f)
2 (thong) tralla (f); (whip) látigo (m); (stroke) latigazo (m); azote (m); [of tail] coletazo (m);
transitive verb
1 (beat) azotar; dar latigazos a; [+animal] fustigar; [+rain, waves] (also lash against) azotar
the wind lashed the trees el viento azotaba los árboles; the wind lashed the sea into a fury el viento encrespó con fuerza el mar; it lashed its tail dio coletazos
to lash sb with one's tongue
2 (tie) atar; (Náut) trincar; amarrar;to a;
intransitive verb
to lash about [+person] agitarse violentamente; dar bandazos
She lashed about, thrashing, kicking, fighting, screaming
the rain lashed against the windows la lluvia azotaba las ventanas; he lashed at the donkey fustigaba or azotaba al burro
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