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papa frita

usage note
This word is often used in the plural.
papa frita
feminine noun
1. (strips of potato) 
a. french fry (United States) 
Voy a pedir una hamburguesa con papas fritas.I'll have a burger with french fries.
b. chip (United Kingdom) 
Cenemos algo inglés. ¿Qué tal pescado con papas fritas?Le'ts have something English tonight. How about fish and chips?
2. (thin slices of potato) 
a. chip (United States) 
Nos comimos unas papas fritas con la cerveza.We had some chips with our beers.
b. crisp (United Kingdom) 
Compraron unas papas fritas para el picnic.They bought some crisps for the picnic.
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