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  • to be at largeandar suelto(a)
  • people/the public at largela gente/el público en general
1. grande (in size)
  • to grow or get largercrecer
  • to make something largeragrandar algo
  • as large as lifeen persona
  • larger than lifesingular, que se sale de la norma
2. (extensive, significant)
  • to a large extenten gran medida
  • a large part of my job involves…gran parte de mi trabajo implica…
by and large
1. en general
large [lɑːdʒ]
larger (comparative)largest (superlative)
1 (in size) [+house, object, organization] grande; [+person] corpulento; [+area] grande; extenso
a large room una gran habitación; una habitación grande; in large doses the toxin is fatal en grandes dosis, la toxina es mortal; he has very large feet tiene unos pies muy grandes; do you have (it in) a larger size? ¿lo tiene en una talla más grande?
they have a large wine list he claimed a large share of the credit
by and large en general
Full employment was by and large achieved By and large, the broadcasters were free to treat this material as they saw fit By and large, the project can be judged to have succeeded in its aims the scheme was, by and large, a success we have by and large achieved what we set out to do
to grow larger crecer
as large as life en carne y hueso; en persona
he was a larger-than-life character era una persona que se salía de lo corriente; the central character is a larger-than-life, cantankerous Italian el personaje principal es un italiano exuberante y cascarrabias
to make larger hacer más grande; [+premises etc] ampliar; ensanchar
in large part en gran parte
2 (in number) [+family, group, army] numeroso; grande; [+sum, amount] grande; importante
a large amount of money Sponsors have invested large sums of money The gang finally fled with a large amount of cash and jewellery
a large group of people un grupo numeroso or grande de personas
a large crowd had gathered se había formado un gran gentío
a large number of them un gran número de ellos
large numbers of people came vinieron muchísimas personas; vinieron gran número de personas
a large proportion of una gran proporción de
A large proportion of the staff is very young
a large quantity of una gran cantidad de
3 (Comm) de tamaño grande
large (on clothing label) grande; (on food packet, washing powder etc) tamaño familiar
a dozen large envelopes una docena de sobres de tamaño grande
there is a large problem of drugs there's a large question about the newspaper's viability
""Grande" shortened to "gran"" See culture box in entry great.
at large
2 (in general)
the country/society at large el país/la sociedad en general
3 (on the loose)
to be at large [+dangerous person, animal] andar suelto
the large intestine (n) (Anat) el intestino grueso
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