1. (road division) 
a. el carril (M) 
The highway will be increased to five lanes to reduce traffic.Se va a ampliar la carretera a cinco carriles para reducir el tráfico.
b. la senda (F) (for bicycles) (River Plate) 
The city is encouraging people to take their bike to work by installing bike lanes.La ciudad está alentando a la gente a ir al trabajo en bici instalando sendas para bicicletas.
2. (in the countryside) 
a. el camino (M) 
George's house is down the lane just past the dairy farm.La casa de George se encuentra en el camino pasando apenas la granja láctea.
We took a nice drive through some country lanes.Dimos un bonito paseo en coche por unos senderos campestres.
3. (in town) 
It's almost impossible to drive down this lane on trash day.Es casi imposible circular por este callejón el día que recolectan la basura.
4. (nautical) 
a. la ruta (F) 
The temporary closure of the shipping lane caused millions of dollars in losses.El cierre temporal de la ruta de navegación causó millones de dólares en pérdidas.
5. (aeronautical) 
The air lanes heading into Los Angeles are constantly full.Los corredores aéreos en dirección a Los Ángeles están siempre llenos.
6. (sports) 
a. la calle (F) 
Running tracks can have a variable number of lanes.Las pistas de carreras pueden tener un número variable de calles.
b. el carril (M) 
The fastest swimmer goes in the central lane.El nadador más rápido va en el carril central.
c. el andarivel (M) (Argentina) (Ecuador) (Peru) 
Jose will be running in lane three.José correrá en el andarivel tres.
7. (bowling) 
a. la pista (F) 
Silvia threw the ball straight down the lane and got a strike.Silvia lanzó la bola directo por la pista y logró un pleno.
1. (in country) 
a. el vereda f, camino (M) 
2. (in town) 
a. el callejón (M) 
3. (on road) 
a. el carril (M) 
traffic is reduced to two lanesse ha limitado el tráfico a dos carriles
4. (for runner, swimmer) 
a. la calle (F) 
b. el andarivel (M) () 
lane [leɪn]
1 (in country) camino (m)
a quiet country lane un tranquilo camino or sendero rural
Follow the lane to the river ...over the small bridges, down narrow lanes...
2 (in town) callejuela (f); callejón (m)
The hotel car park is down the lane on the right rubbish is collected from the back lane on Fridays ...The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane
3 (Aut) carril (m); vía (f); (LAm)
(to be in) the left-hand lane
bus lane carril de autobuses
to change lanes cambiar de carril
Should we speed up, slow down, change lanes, stop and alert the highway patrol? All these complex mental operations must be completed in a few seconds, sometimes in a fraction of a second
cycle lane carril (m) bici; carril (m) de bicicletas
the fast lane (Britain) el carril de la derecha; (most countries) el carril de la izquierda
the frenzied pace of life in the fast lane el ritmo de vida frenético de los que viven a tope
life in the fast lane
"get in lane" "incorpórese al carril"
the inside lane (Britain) el carril de la izquierda; (most countries) el carril de la derecha
He lost control when his car skidded on oil in the outside lane of the M25 When he eventually overtook the last truck he pulled over to the inside lane and then left the motorway altogether I pulled out into the eastbound lane of Route 2
"keep in lane" "manténgase en su carril"
the outside lane (Britain) el carril de la derecha; (most countries) el carril de la izquierda
traffic was reduced to a single lane se pasó a circular por un solo carril
a three-lane motorway una autopista de tres carriles
I'm in the wrong lane no estoy en el carril donde debería estar
4 (Náut) ruta (f)
we had just crossed a lane of up-Channel shipping ...a separation lane between two shipping lanes
sea lane ruta (f) marítima
in 1983, Japan committed itself to defend its air and sea lanes within 1,000 miles of the Japanese territory
shipping lane ruta (f) de navegación
5 (Aer) (also air lane) corredor (m) aéreo; ruta (f) aérea
the pilot was way outside any safe lane... a new plan to ease congestion in Europe's overcrowded air lanes in 1983, Japan committed itself to defend its /ai/r and sea /lanes/ within 1,000 miles of the Japanese territory
6 (Dep) calle (f)
Swimming in heat one, /lane one/ is Sharon Hunter from Scotland The American, who ran in lane four next to Breslin in three, dominated the race
inside/outside lane calle (f) de dentro/de fuera
he ran in the inside lane he was swimming in the outside lane
lane closure (n) corte (m) de carril
there will be lane closures on the M1 habrá carriles cortados en la M1
lane markings (n) líneas (f) divisorias
Phrases with "lane"
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stay in the same lane for thirty seconds
quedarse en el mismo carril treinta segundos
bicycle lane
el carril bici
bus lane
el carril bus
lane is a conjugated form of the verb lanar - View Conjugation
1. (zoology) 
Optamos por esta raza de oveja por su calidad lanar.We opted for this breed of sheep for its wool-bearing quality.
2. (material) 
a. wool 
Heriberto cría ovejas para la industria lanar local.Heriberto breeds sheep for the local wool industry.
1. (general) 
a. wool-bearing 
ganado lanarsheep
wool-bearing; wool
ganado lanar sheep
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