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1. paisaje (m) (land, painting)
  • landscape design paisajismo (m)
  • landscape gardener paisajista (sustantivo masculino)
  • landscape (orientation) (informática) formato (m) apaisado
  • landscape painter paisajista (sustantivo masculino)
transitive verb
2. ajardinar
landscape [ˈlænskeɪp]
1 (scenery) paisaje (m)
...the beauty of the Welsh landscape... industrial landscape... ...a landscape of lush green meadows... Small bushes dot the landscape.
2 (Art) paisaje (m)
he has been commissioned to paint a landscape ...a beautiful moonlit landscape by Atkinson Grimshaw... She painted landscapes and portraits
3 panorama (m)
the political landscape el panorama político; the entire landscape of broadcasting has changed en el mundo de la radio- y tele-difusión el panorama ha cambiado por completo
Mr Yeltsin's victory in the referendum transformed Russia's political landscape ...a landscape of unparalleled ignorance. They seemed a permanent part /of the pop landscape/
transitive verb
[+terrain, grounds] ajardinar; [+park, garden] diseñar
the gravel pits have been landscaped and planted to make them attractive to wildfowl the grounds had been landscaped, with a flagstone path leading to the river ...gently rolling terrain landscaped with rustic pavilions He landscaped the park forty-five years ago 27 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens a smart suburb of landscaped gardens and wide streets There are a few carefully landscaped gardens they had landscaped their property [with] trees, shrubs, and lawns
landscape architect (n) arquitectoaarquitecta (m) (f) paisajista;a arquitecta
landscape architecture (n) arquitectura (f) paisajista
landscape format (n) (Tip) (Comput) (Fot) formato (m) apaisado
in landscape format en formato apaisado
one of the photographs was /in landscape format/, the other in portrait format to [print] sth (in) landscape (mode)
landscape gardener (n) jardineroajardinera (m) (f) paisajista;a jardinera
landscape gardening (n) jardinería (f) paisajista
landscape painter (n) paisajista (m)
landscape painting (n) (picture) paisaje (m)
his hobby is landscape painting
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