Lana in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
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feminine noun
1. wool
  • de lana woolen
  • ir a por lana y volver trasquilado (Prov) to be hoist with one's own petard
  • lana de vidrio glass fiber
masculine noun
2. dosh, dough (informal) (Andes, Mexican Spanish)
1 (gen) wool; (vellón) fleece; (tela) woollen cloth; woolen cloth; (EEUU) (para labores) knitting wool
de lana hecho de lana wool; woollen; woolen; (EEUU)
ir por lana y volver trasquilado to get more than one bargained for
lana de acero steel wool
lana para labores knitting wool
lana virgen pure new wool
2 lanas long hair
; (s)
3 (And) (México) (dinero) money; dough (familiar)
4 (And) (México) (mentira) lie
5 (Centroamérica) (estafador) swindler
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