transitive verb
1. (to feel sorry) 
a. to regret 
Lamento no haber ido a ver a mi abuela antes de su muerte. I regret not having gone to see my grandmother before her death.
b. to be sorry about 
Lamento lo que le pasó a tu perro. I'm sorry about what happened to your dog.
c. to lament (formal) 
Lamentamos el fallecimiento de su padre. We lament the passing of your father.
pronominal verb
2. (to express dissatisfaction) 
a. to complain 
No tiene sentido lamentarse lo ocurrido.There's no sense in complaining about what happened.
b. to grumble 
El cascarrabias caminaba por la calle, lamentándose de todo. The curmudgeon walked down the street, grumbling about everything.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to regret, to be sorry about 
lo lamentoI'm very sorry
lamentamos comunicarle…we regret to inform you…
pronominal verb
2. (general) 
a. to complain 
transitive verb
(sentir) to be sorry about; regret; [+pérdida] to lament; bewail; bemoan (formal)
lamentamos la muerte de su marido we're sorry to hear of your husband's death; no hay que lamentar víctimas fortunately there were no casualties; lamento lo que pasó I'm sorry about what happened; lamentar que to be sorry that; regret that; lamentamos mucho que ... we very much regret that ...
pronominal verb
1 (quejarse) to complain
ahora de nada sirve lamentarse there's no point complaining now; lamentarse de algo: se lamenta del tiempo malgastado he regrets the time he wasted; se lamenta de su mala suerte he's cursing his bad luck
2 (llorar) to lament
el país entero se lamenta por la pérdida del presidente the whole country is mourning o (formal) lamenting the loss of the president
Verb Conjugations for lamentar
Gerund: lamentando
Participle: lamentado
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