1. (colloquial) (general) 
a. tranquilo 
I love the friendly, laid-back atmosphere of this bar.Me encanta el ambiente agradable y tranquilo de este bar.
b. relajado 
Don's a pretty laid-back sort of person. He won't panic in a crisis.Don es una persona bastante relajada. No se deja llevar por el pánico en los momentos de crisis.
I don't know how you can be so laid-back about this. We could lose thousands.No sé cómo puedes estar tan despreocupado con este asunto. Podríamos perder miles de dólares.
1. (colloquial) 
a. tranquilo(a) 
b. cachazudo(a) (Spain) 
laid-back [ˌleɪdˈbæk]
[+person, attitude] (easy-going) relajado; (casual) despreocupado
he was criticized for his laid-back attitude Lyle's laid-back approach is in direct contrast to world No 1 Faldo, who has dedicated his life to the game
[+party] tranquilo
I find him rather too laid-back about deadlines I find his attitude a bit too laid-back
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