"label" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. etiqueta (f) (also sentido figurado)
2. casa (f) discográfica, sello (m) discográfico (of record company)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp labeled, labeled)
3. etiquetar (parcel, bottle) (Estados Unidos); tildar de (describe)
  • the bottle was labeled “poison” -> la botella tenía una etiqueta que decía “veneno”
  • to label somebody a liar -> tildar a alguien de mentiroso(a)

label [lei-bol]
1. Marbete, pedacito de papel pegado al extremo de las piezas de tela o paño en el que está escrito el número de varas que tiene la pieza, etc; rótulo, rotulata, membrete, letrero.
2. El pedazo de papel y a veces de pergamino pegado a un escrito, que contiene comúnmente el sello.
va. Rotular o señnalar alguna cosa con un rótulo que exprese lo que contiene, su dueño, etc.; de aquí, designar, clasificar.

label [ˈleɪbl]
1 (on merchandise, luggage, clothing) etiqueta (f)
read the label to see just how much fat you're getting per serving
sticky label etiqueta (f) adhesiva; warning label etiqueta (f) de advertencia
warning labels may soon appear on egg cartons because of the risk of salmonella
2 (brand) marca (f)
The company makes clothes for labels such as Ralph Lauren and Liz Claiborne
these products are sold under our own label estos productos se venden como parte de nuestra propia marca
3 (also record label) sello (m) discográfico
it wasn't long before he had founded his own label
the LP is on the A & M label el elepé es del sello discográfico A & M
She landed a contract with record label EMI He runs his own record label, producing and distributing his own recordings
4 (classification) etiqueta (f)
it was comforting to be able to put a label on my illness era reconfortante el poder ponerle una etiqueta a mi enfermedad
she is thought of as the odd one out in the family. It is a label she is fully aware of, but one about which she professes not to care he was not one of those who would accept the label of anarchist. I dislike the feminist label Funny how, over the years, you actually become the label they put on you "enemy alien" - what a label to put on a nice young man! the symptoms now had a label, Hashimoto's disease then they want to put a label on why they feel that way I needed to put a label on my problem
1 etiquetar; poner etiqueta a
I've just spent a whole day labelling boxes me he pasado el día etiquetando cajas or poniendo etiquetas a cajas; the jar was not labelled el bote no llevaba etiqueta; el bote no estaba etiquetado
the bottle was not labelled
the bottle was labelled "poison" la botella llevaba una etiqueta que decía "veneno"
in a file neatly labelled "Income Tax" he came across a photocopy choose an oil labelled as "pure olive oil" to label sth [as] ecologically friendly a detergent manufacturer might label a product as phosphate-free all homoeopathic remedies will have to be labelled as such
every packet must be clearly labelled cada paquete debe llevar una etiqueta que indique claramente su contenido
foods should be labelled [with] their salt content [wrongly] labelled containers neatly labelled packages
to label sb (as) sth calificar a algn de algo; tachar a algn de algo (pejorative); he was labelled (as) a troublemaker lo calificaron or lo tacharon de alborotador
too often the press are labelled as bad boys she's afraid she'll be labelled (as) a failure According to the prison psychiatrist we're wrong to try and label Hogg as a psychopath men who do this are often labelled as "work-shy" such practices can hardly be labelled as "unfair" Nothing can of itself always be labelled as "wrong"...

Verb Conjugations for "label" (go to la etiqueta)


I label I labelled I will label
you label you labelled you will label
he/she labels he/she labelled he/she will label
we label we labelled we will label
you label you labelled you will label
they label they labelled they will label
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