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feminine noun
1. (estate)
a. country house
Teníamos una quinta en la que pasábamos las vacaciones de verano.We had a country house where we spent our summer vacations.
b. villa
La quinta está rodeada de árboles frutales.The villa is surrounded by fruit trees.
2. (gear in a vehicle)
a. fifth
Cambié a quinta cuando aceleré a 120 km por hora.I changed to fifth when I sped up to 120 km per hour.
3. (music)
a. fifth
Una quinta es un intervalo en la escala musical.A fifth is an interval in the musical scale.
4. (military)
a. call-up
Los muchachos entraron en quintas.The lads got a call-up for military service.
5. (garden)(Latin America)
a. vegetable garden
Queremos sembrar más verduras en nuestra quinta.We want to sow more vegetables in our vegetable graden.
feminine noun
1. country house (finca)
2. fifth (gear) (automobiles)
3. call-up year (military)
  • entrar en quintasto be called up
  • es de mi quinta(figurative) he's my age(tiene mi edad)
1 (casa de campo) villa; country house; (Latinoamérica) (chalet) house; (finca) small estate on the outskirts of a town
2 (Mil) draft; call-up
ser de la (misma) quinta de algn to be the same age as sb; la quinta de 1998 the 1998 call-up; the class called up in 1998; entrar en quintas (tener edad) to reach the call-up age; (ser llamado) to be called up
3 (Música) fifth
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