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compañera [com-pah-nyay’-ro, rah]
1. Companion, friend, consort, an equal, a match, a compère, a mate, one with whom a person frequently converses; fellow. (m & f)
  • Compañero de viajefellow traveler
  • Compañero de juegoplaymate
2. Compañero de cuarto, roommate; chum, a roommate in the universities. (m & f)
3. Comrade, colleague, fellowmember, condisciple. (m & f)
  • Compañero de armascomrade-in-arms
  • Compañero de trabajoworkmate
4. Partner, associate, coadjutor. (m & f)
5. Follower, one who shares the lot and fortune of another. (m & f)
6. One thing suited to another. (m & f)
  • Dos clacetines que no son compañerostwo socks which do not match
  • ¿Dónde está el compañero de éste?where is the one that goes with this
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