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usage note
The words "bombacha" and "bombachas" can be used interchangeably in Spanish to refer to a single pair of panties or pants.
feminine noun
1. (underwear) (Southern Cone) 
a. panties (United States) 
Compré un par de bombachas de lycra y encaje y un brassier que le hace juego.I bought a pair of lycra and lace panties, and a matching bra.
b. knickers (United Kingdom) 
Tu falda es muy transparente y se te ve la bombacha.Your skirt is really see-through and you can see your knickers.
2. (clothing) (Latin America) 
a. baggy pants (United States) 
No me gustan las bombachas. Prefiero los pantalones ajustados.I don't like baggy pants. I like tight pants better.
b. baggy trousers (United Kingdom) 
El jinete llevaba puestas bombachas y una camisa de dril.The horserider was wearing baggy trousers and a drill shirt.
1. (braga) (River Plate) 
a. knickers (United Kingdom) 
b. panties (United States) 
bombachasloose trousers worn by gauchos
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