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shame, pity


feminine noun
1. pity (compasión)
2. shame, pity (pena)
  • dar lástima -> to be a crying shame
  • da lástima ver gente así -> it's sad to see people in that state
  • ¡qué lástima! -> what a shame o pity!
  • quedarse hecho una lástima -> to be a sorry o pitiful sight

lástima [lahs’-te-mah]
1. Grief, compassion, pity (sentimiento), condolence. (f)
  • Es una lástima -> it's a shame
  • Eso me da mucha lástima -> I feel very sorry about that
  • Todos me dan lástima -> I feel sorry for them all
2. Object of compassion or pity (objeto). (f)

1 (pena) pity; shame
es una lástima it's a pity o shame; es lástima que ... it's a pity o shame that ...; it's too bad that ...
dar lástima
toda esta pobreza me da mucha lástima such poverty makes me really sad
todos me dan lástima
es tan desgraciado que da lástima he's so unhappy I feel really sorry for him o I really pity him; es una película tan mala que da lástima it's a pathetic film; it's an awful film; it's such a pathetically bad film
¡qué lástima!
—hemos perdido —¡qué lástima! "we've lost" — "what a shame! o what a pity! o that's too bad!"; ¡qué lástima de hombre! isn't he pitiful?
sentir o tener lástima de algn to feel sorry for sb
2 (escena lastimosa) pitiful sight
estar hecho una lástima to be in a sorry o dreadful state
3 (queja) complaint; tale of woe

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