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knots is the plural form of knot.
1. nudo (m) (in rope, string); lazo (m) lazada (f) (in ribbon)
  • to tie/untie a knot atar/desatar un nudo, hacer/deshacer un nudo
  • to tie the knot (familiar sentido figurado) casarse (get married)
2. nudo (m) (in wood)
3. nudo (m) (Naut) (unit of speed)
  • at a rate of knots (familiar) a toda máquina
4. corro (m) (group of people)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp knotted)
5. anudar, atar (piece of string)
  • get knotted! (very familiar) ¡vete al cuerno! (británico), ¡que te den! (español de España)
knot [nɒt]
1 (gen) nudo (m)
to tie a knot hacer un nudo; her hair was all in knots tenía el pelo enredado
to tie sb up in knots enredar a algn
to get tied up or tie o.s. up in knots armarse un lío (informal)
to tie the knot casarse
2 (Náut) (unit of speed) nudo (m)
3 (in wood) nudo (m); (group) [of people] grupo (m); corrillo (m);
transitive verb
anudar; atar
to knot sth together anudar algo; atar algo con un nudo; get knotted! ¡fastídiate! (informal)
intransitive verb
hacerse un nudo
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