1. (blow) 
a. el golpe (M) 
2. (to sb's pride, chances) 
a. el revés (M) 
there was a knock at the doorse oyó un golpe en la puerta
transitive verb
3. (hit) 
a. golpear 
to knock somebody to the groundtumbar a alguien
to knock somebody unconsciousdejar a alguien inconsciente
to knock one's head against somethinggolpearse la cabeza contra algo
to knock a hole in somethingabrir un agujero de un golpe en algo
to knock holes in an argumentechar por tierra un argumento
to knock some sense into somebodymeter un poco de sentido común en la cabeza a alguien
4. (fig) 
to knock something/somebody into shapeponer algo/a alguien a punto
5. (colloquial) (United States) 
to knock on woodtocar madera
6. (colloquial) 
a. poner peros a, criticar (criticize) 
intransitive verb
7. (hit) 
a. dar golpes 
to knock at the doorllamar a la puerta (con los nudillos)
to knock against somethingchocar con or contra algo
his knees were knockingle temblaban las rodillas
8. (engine) 
a. golpetear 
knock [nɒk]
1 (gen) golpe (m); (in collision) choque (m); (on door) llamada (f)
a knock on the head un golpe en la cabeza; there was a knock at the door llamaron a la puerta; his pride took a knock su orgullo sufrió un golpe; the team took a hard knock yesterday ayer el equipo recibió un rudo golpe; he has had plenty of hard knocks ha recibido muchos y duros golpes en la vida
2 (in engine) golpeteo (m)
transitive verb
1 (strike) golpear
to knock a hole in sth hacer or abrir un agujero en algo; to knock a nail into sth clavar un clavo en algo; to knock sb on the head golpear a algn en la cabeza; to knock one's head on/against sth (by accident) dar con la cabeza contra algo; (deliberately) dar cabezazos contra algo; I knocked my elbow on or against the table me di (un golpe) en el codo con la mesa; to knock sb to the ground tirar or echar a algn al suelo; to knock sb unconscious or out or cold dejar a algn sin sentido; to knock sth to the floor dar con algo en el suelo; he knocked the knife out of her hand le quitó el cuchillo de la mano de un golpe; I knocked the ball into the water tiré la pelota al agua; to knock the bottom out of sth [+box] desfondar algo; [+argument] dejar algo sin fundamentos
to knock sth on the head (Britain) (put paid to) [+idea] echar algo por tierra
stop doing sth If you knock something on the head, you decide to stop it or not to go ahead with it I remember us in the early days saying, "We'll never be like the Rolling Stones. When we stop enjoying ourselves we'll knock it on the head" The whole thing has gone on too long and we need to knock it on the head
When she comes back, I'll simply knock it on the head and tell her that she's got to go when I heard the talk of Derby's interest, I knocked it on the head It's time to knock on the head the idea that we are not fully human, not fully alive, unless we have that special somebody in our lives I think this is another fallacy that needs to be knocked on the head, the idea that women never went to work till the First World War
to knock some sense into sb hacer entrar en razón a algn
to knock sb sideways dejar de piedra or patidifuso a algn (informal)
to knock spots off sb dar mil vueltas a algn (informal)
2 (criticize) criticar; hablar mal de
intransitive verb
1 (strike) golpear; (at door) llamar a la puerta
knock before entering llamar a la puerta antes de entrar
he knocked at the door/on the table llamó a la puerta/dio un golpe en la mesa; poverty was knocking at his door la pobreza llamaba a su puerta; I can't give a job to everyone who comes knocking on my door no puedo dar trabajo a todos los que vienen pidiéndomelo or que llaman a mi puerta
the EC is on the verge of significant change. Not only do the Nordic countries want to join, but the main east European nations are also knocking at the door Six Eastern European nations now have loan programs with the IMF, and the Soviet Union is knocking at the door
2 (bump)
to knock into sth/sb chocar or tropezar con algo/algn; to knock against sth chocar or dar con or contra algo
3 [+engine] golpetear
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