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sustantivo (pl knives [naɪvz])
1. cuchillo (m)
  • the knives are out for the Prime Minister (sentido figurado) el primer ministro tiene los días contados
  • knife sharpener afilador (m) de cuchillos
  • knife wound puñalada (f) , cuchillada (f)
transitive verb
2. apuñalar, acuchillar (stab)
knife [naɪf]
knives (plural) (table knife) cuchillo (m); (pocket knife) navaja (f); cortaplumas (m); (dagger) puñal (m); (flick knife) navaja (f); chaveta (f); (LAm) (blade) cuchilla (f)
does he use a knife and fork yet? ¿ha aprendido ya a usar los cubiertos?; I'll get the knives and forks out voy a sacar los cubiertos
to get one's knife into sb tener inquina a algn
before you could say knife en un decir Jesús
to turn the knife in the wound hurgar en la herida
to put or stick the knife in ensañarse; tirar con bala
like a (hot) knife through butter sin problemas; con la gorra (informal)
transitive verb
(stab) acuchillar; apuñalar
to knife sb to death matar a algn a navajazos or a puñaladas
knife edge (n) filo (m) (de cuchillo)
to be (balanced) on a knife edge [+person] estar con el alma pendiente de un hilo; [+result] estar pendiente de un hilo
knife grinder (n) (person) afiladoraafiladora (m) (f);a afiladora
knife sharpener (n) (tool) afilador (m) de cuchillos
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