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1. rodilla (f)
  • to go down on one's knees arrodillarse, ponerse de rodillas
  • to bring somebody to his knees (sentido figurado) hacer que alguien hinque la rodilla or se arrodille
transitive verb
2. dar un rodillazo a (hit with knee)
knee [niː]
(Anat) rodilla (f); [of garment] rodilla (f)
on one's knees, on bended knee de rodillas
to bow the knee to humillarse ante; someterse a
a sharp pain nearly brought me to my knees un dolor agudo hizo que casi me cayera de rodillas
the embargo has brought the country to its knees el embargo ha llevado al país al borde del desastre
to fall on one's knees caer de rodillas
to go or get down on one's knees arrodillarse; ponerse de rodillas
to go or get down on one's knees to sb arrodillarse ante algn; to go to sb on (one's) bended knees suplicar a algn de rodillas
his knees were knocking le temblaban las rodillas
transitive verb
dar un rodillazo a
knee bend (n) flexión (f) de piernas
knee breeches (n) calzón (m) corto
knee jerk (n) reflejo (m) rotular
knee joint (n) articulación (f) de la rodilla
knee sock (n) calcetín (m) alto
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