1. (quality) 
I'm very grateful for the kindness shown to me by the nurses who looked after me.Agradezco mucho la amabilidad que me mostraron las enfermeras que me cuidaban.
b. la bondad (F) 
Siempre recordaré tu bondad hacia mi familia.I shall always remember your kindness toward my family.
2. (act) 
a. el favor (M) 
It would be a kindness to everyone if you could get Toby to leave.Les harías un favor a todos si pudieras hacer que se vaya Toby.
1. (general) 
a. la amabilidad (F) 
to show kindness to somebodymostrarse amable con alguien
to do somebody a kindnesshacer un favor a alguien
2. (formal) 
a. no direct translation 
would you have the kindness to…?¿tendría la bondad de…?
she did it out of the kindness of her heartlo hizo desinteresadamente
kindness [ˈkaɪndnɪs]
1 (thoughtfulness) amabilidad (f)
he was kindness itself era la bondad personificada; they treated him with every kindness lo trataron con todo género de atenciones
out of the kindness of her heart por pura amabilidad
we were touched by her kindness to or towards us su amabilidad para con nosotros nos enterneció or nos emocionó
2 (favour) favor (m)
it would be a kindness to tell him decírselo sería un favor
to do sb a kindness hacer un favor a algn
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