Kidney in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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(pl kidneys)
1. riñón (m)
  • kidney beans alubias (f pl) , judías (f pl) (español de España), frijoles mpl (Am salvo RP), porotos mpl (Andes, RP)
  • kidney donor donante (sustantivo masculino) de riñón
  • kidney machine riñón artificial, aparato (m) de diálisis
kidney [ˈkɪdnɪ]
(Anat) (Cookery) riñón (m); índole (f); especie (f);
kidney bean (n) (Cookery) frijol (m); judía (f); (Esp) poroto (m); (S. Cone)
kidney disease (n) enfermedad (f) renal
kidney dish (n) batea (f)
kidney failure (n) insuficiencia (m) renal
kidney machine (n) riñón (m) artificial
kidney stone (n) cálculo (m) renal
kidney transplant (n) trasplante (m) renal or de riñón
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