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masculine noun
1. oath (promesa solemne)
  • bajo juramento -> on o under oath
  • prestar juramento -> to take the oath
  • tomar juramento a alguien -> to swear somebody in
  • juramento hipocrático (medicine) -> Hippocratic oath
2. oath, curse (blasfemia)

juramento [hoo-rah-men’-to]
1. Oath, an affirmation, negation, or promise, corroborated by the attestation of the Divine Being. (m)
2. Oath, curse, imprecation: commonly used in the plural in this last sense. (m)
  • Bajo juramento -> on oath
  • Prestar juramento -> to take the oath
  • Decir juramentos a uno -> to swear at somebody

1 (promesa) oath
bajo juramento on oath; prestar juramento to take the oath;sobre on; tomar juramento a algn to swear sb in
juramento de fidelidad oath of loyalty
juramento hipocrático Hippocratic oath
2 (blasfemia) oath; curse
decir juramentos to swear

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