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1. (pensioned)
a. retired
Un policía jubilado evitó el robo al banco y capturó a uno de los asaltantes.A retired police officer prevented the bank robbery and captured one of the robbers.
feminine or masculine noun
2. (pensioned individual)
a. retired person
Para un jubilado es mejor tener un perro viejo que un cachorro.Older dogs are better than puppies for a retired person.
b. retiree (United States)
Nuestra empresa ofrece beneficios médicos a jubilados y a sus familiares.Our company offers medical benefits to retirees and their families.
c. pensioner (United Kingdom)
Se presentaron cargos contra una mujer por el robo a un jubilado.A woman has been charged in the robbery of a pensioner.
jubilado, -a
1. retired
masculine or feminine noun
2. pensioner (British), retiree (United States)
  • club de jubilados senior citizens' club
jubiladoa jubilada
1 [+trabajador] retired
vivir jubilado to live in retirement
2 (And) (Caribe) (sagaz) wise
3 (And) (lerdo) thick (familiar); slow-witted
retired person; pensioner
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