transitive verb
1. (to tease) 
I'm just joshing you. I didn't forget to bring money.Te estoy tomando el pelo. No me olvidé de traer el dinero.
proper noun
2. (nickname for Joshua) 
a. el Josu (M) 
If you see Josh, tell him to call me.Si ves a Josu, dile que me llame.
transitive verb
1. (colloquial) 
a. tomar el pelo a (tease) 
josh [dʒɒʃ] especially (US)
transitive verb
tomar el pelo a
intransitive verb
hacer bromas
You wouldn't be joshing now, would you? Dwight had a wonderful time joshing with the students, fellow actors, and directors This was a different man from the one with whom she had raked autumn leaves not six weeks ago, joshing happily as they fuelled the bonfire together
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