usage note
This word may also be spelled "jemmy" in the senses shown in 1) and 2).
1. (small crowbar) 
He used a jimmy to break into my car.Usó una palanqueta para forzar mi carro.
transitive verb
2. (to open with a crowbar) 
The thief got into the house by jimmying the garage door.El ladrón entró en la casa abriendo la puerta del garaje con palanqueta.
proper noun
3. (nickname for James) 
a. Jaime 
Are you going to Jimmy's party on Saturday?¿Vas a la fiesta de Jaime el sábado?
b. Jaimito 
My brother Jimmy was born five years after me.Mi hermano Jaimito nació cinco años después que yo.
jimmy [ˈdʒɪmɪ]
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