masculine noun
1. soap
  • dar jabón a alguien (informal figurative) -> to soft-soap somebody
  • jabón de afeitar -> shaving soap
  • jabón líquido -> liquid soap
  • jabón de tocador -> toilet soap

jabón [hah-bo-ne’]
1. Soap, bar of soap (pastilla de jabón). (m)
  • Jabón de afeitar -> shaving soap
  • Jabón en polvo -> soap powder
2. Any saponaceous mass or matter. (Metaphorical) (m)
3. (coll.) Smart stroke with a batlet. (m)
4. Soft soap (adulación). (m)
5. Fright, scare. (Caribbean & Mexico) (m)
  • Dar un jabón -> to reprimand severely

1 (para lavar) soap
una pastilla de jabón a bar of soap
no es lo mismo jabón que hilo negro (And) (Caribe) they're as different as chalk and cheese
jabón de afeitar shaving soap
jabón de olor toilet soap
jabón de sastre tailor's chalk; French chalk
jabón de tocador toilet soap
jabón en escamas soapflakes
jabón en polvo soap powder; washing powder; (powdered) laundry detergent; (EEUU)
jabón líquido liquid soap
2 (adulación) flattery
dar jabón a algn to soft-soap sb
3 (reprimenda)
dar un jabón a algn to tell sb off
4 (Caribe) (S. Cone) (México) (susto) fright; scare
agarrarse un jabón to get a fright

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