it was cool

it was cool
1. (it wasn't hot) 
As the village was by the sea, it was cool and sunny.Como el pueblo estaba junto al mar, estaba fresco y soleado.
2. (colloquial) (it was awesome) 
a. era chévere (colloquial) (Latin America) 
When I was young, it was cool to smoke.Cuando era joven, fumar era chévere.
b. era copado (colloquial) (River Plate) 
Why did you go to that sleazy bar? - We thought it was cool!¿Por qué fueron a ese bar sórdido? - Nos pareció que era copado.
c. era chido (colloquial) (Mexico) 
Remember when it was cool to listen to Pearl Jam?¿Recuerdas cuando era chido escuchar a Pearl Jam?
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