Inward in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. interno(a), interior (thoughts);
    hacia dentro
  • inward investment inversión (f) del exterior
adverbio → inwards
inward [ˈɪnwəd]
1 (inner) [+peace, happiness] interior
she gave an inward sigh suspiró para sus adentros; Bridget watched him with an inward smile Bridget lo observó sonriendo para sus adentros; I sighed with inward relief suspiré sintiendo gran alivio por dentro
2 (incoming) [+flow, movement] hacia el interior
Harsh new laws restrict the inward flow of immigrants
inward investment (n) inversiones (f) extranjeras
inward investor (n) inversorainversora (m) (f) extranjeroaextranjera;a inversora a extranjera
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