invoices is the plural form of invoice.
1. (bill) 
As a secretary, your duty will be sorting and checking the invoices.Como secretaria, su tarea será ordenar y comprobar las facturas.
transitive verb
2. (to list on an invoice) 
a. facturar 
I have invoiced the legal fees already and expect payment by next week.He facturado los honorarios jurídicos y espero abono para la semana que viene.
3. (to send invoice) 
Please invoice me at the address below.Mándame la factura a la siguiente dirección.
1. (general) 
a. la factura (F) 
to make out an invoiceextender or hacer una factura
transitive verb
2. (goods) 
a. facturar 
3. (person, company) 
a. mandar la factura a 
invoice [ˈɪnvɔɪs]
factura (f)
as per invoice según factura; to send an invoice pasar or presentar factura
transitive verb
[+goods] facturar
to invoice sb for sth pasar a algn factura por algo
I invoiced him and expected to hear no more of the matter
you will be invoiced once the goods have been delivered le pasaremos factura or le mandaremos la factura una vez le haya sido entregada la mercancía
invoice clerk (n) facturadorafacturadora (m) (f);a facturadora
invoice value (n) valor (m) total de factura
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