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transitive verb
1. (convidar)
  • invitar a alguien (a algo/a hacer algo) to invite somebody (to something/to do something)
  • me han invitado a una fiesta I've been invited to a party
  • me invitó a entrar she asked me in
2. (pagar)
  • te invito it's my treat, this one's on me
  • invitar a alguien a algo to buy somebody something
  • me invitó a una cerveza (food, drink) he bought me a beer
  • te invito a cenar fuera I'll take you out for dinner
intransitive verb
3. to pay (pagar)
  • invito yo it's my treat, this one's on me
  • invita la casa it's on the house
4. (incitar)
  • invitar a algo to encourage something
  • este sol invita a salir the sun makes you want to go out
transitive verb
1 (gen) to invite
me invitó al cine she invited me to the cinema; me invitó a Marbella she invited me to go to Marbella; invito yo it's on me; os invito a una cerveza I'll buy o stand you all a beer; nos invitó a cenar (fuera) she took us out for a meal; dio las gracias a los que lo habían invitado he thanked his hosts
2 (incitar) to invite
invitar a algn a hacer algo to invite sb to do sth; (exhortando) to call on sb to do sth; invitar a algn a la violencia to incite sb to violence
Un sacerdote que invita a la violencia es un mal sacerdote
3 (atraer) to entice
una frase que invita a comprar a slogan which entices you to buy
Verb Conjugations for invitar
Gerund: invitando
Participle: invitado
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