Inútil in English | Spanish to English Translation
1. useless (objeto) ; unsuccessful, vain (intento, esfuerzo)
  • sus intentos resultaron inútiles his attempts were unsuccessful o in vain
  • es inútil, ya es demasiado tarde there's no point, it's too late
  • es inútil que lo esperes, se ha ido para siempre there's no point in waiting for him, he's gone for good
2. disabled (inválido)
3. unfit (no apto)
masculine or feminine noun
4. hopeless case, useless person
  • es un inútil he's useless o hopeless
1 (vano) [+intento, esfuerzo] unsuccessful; fruitless
lo intenté todo, pero fue inútil I tried everything, but it was no use o useless; es inútil que usted proteste it's no good o use you protesting; there's no point in protesting; es inútil seguir intentándolo there's no point in keeping on trying
2 (inepto) useless (familiar); hopeless (familiar)
3 (inválido) disabled
ha quedado inútil a causa de la artritis she is completely disabled by arthritis
4 (inservible) useless
tira todos los trastos inútiles throw away all that useless junk
5 (Mil) unfit
lo han declarado inútil para el servicio militar he has been declared unfit for military service
¡tu hermana es una inútil! your sister is useless o hopeless! (familiar)
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