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1. useless (objeto) ; unsuccessful, vain (intento, esfuerzo)
  • sus intentos resultaron inútiles -> his attempts were unsuccessful o in vain
  • es inútil, ya es demasiado tarde -> there's no point, it's too late
  • es inútil que lo esperes, se ha ido para siempre -> there's no point in waiting for him, he's gone for good
2. disabled (inválido)
3. unfit (no apto)
masculine or feminine noun
4. hopeless case, useless person
  • es un inútil -> he's useless o hopeless

inútil [in-oo'-teel]
1. Useless, unprofitable, inutile, fruitless, needless, frivolous, idle, vain (esfuerzo, tentativa).

1 (vano) [+intento, esfuerzo] unsuccessful; fruitless
lo intenté todo, pero fue inútil I tried everything, but it was no use o useless; es inútil que usted proteste it's no good o use you protesting; there's no point in protesting; es inútil seguir intentándolo there's no point in keeping on trying
2 (inepto) useless (familiar); hopeless (familiar)
3 (inválido) disabled
ha quedado inútil a causa de la artritis she is completely disabled by arthritis
4 (inservible) useless
tira todos los trastos inútiles throw away all that useless junk
5 (Mil) unfit
lo han declarado inútil para el servicio militar he has been declared unfit for military service
¡tu hermana es una inútil! your sister is useless o hopeless! (familiar)

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