Intermedio in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
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intermedio, -a
1. intermediate, halfway (etapa); average (calidad); medium (tamaño)
2. intervening (tiempo); in between (espacio)
masculine noun
3. interval (gen) & (Teatro); intermission (Cine); break (television)
1 [+etapa, grupo, nivel] intermediate; [+periodo] intervening
omitió un paso intermedio del razonamiento he missed out an intermediate stage in the reasoning; los estratos sociales intermedios the middle classes; un punto intermedio entre colonialismo e independencia a halfway house between colonialism and independence; en un punto intermedio entre Córdoba y Montoro halfway between Córdoba and Montoro; un tono intermedio entre gris y negro a shade halfway between grey and black
2 [+tamaño, talla] medium
de tamaño intermedio medium-sized
1 (Teat) interval; (TV) break; (Cine) intermission
por intermedio de by means of; through the intermediary of
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