1. (general) 
in the interimentre tanto, en el ínterin
2. (agreement, report) 
a. provisional 
b. provisorio (Latin America) 
interim [ˈɪntərɪm]
in the interim en el ínterin or interín
[+president] interino; provisional; [+measure, government, report, result] provisional;
interim dividend (n) dividendo (m) a cuenta
interim payment (n) pago (m) a cuenta
the interim period (n) el ínterin or interín
there were two fierce wars, and in the interim period a troubled peace the measures will be implemented in 1998. in the interim period, a temporary system will be in operation, whereby ...
interim profits (n) (Economics) (Comm) beneficios (m) trimestrales
Last December, AAH turned in interim profits of 16 million pounds on turnover of 799 million pounds and warned that full-year profits would be below the previous year's level
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