Instrument in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. instrumento (m) (Mus medicina)
  • instrument board or panel (aviación) tablero (m) de mandos, panel (m) de instrumentos
instrument [ˈɪnstrʊmənt]
1 (Mús) (gen) instrumento (m)
surgical instruments instrumental (m) quirúrgico; set of instruments instrumental (m); to fly on instruments volar por instrumentos
2 instrumento (m)
he was nothing more than her instrument él no era más que su instrumento
3 (Jur) instrumento (m)
instrument board instrument panel (n) (Aer) tablero (m) de instrumentos; cuadro (m) de instrumentos; (US) (Aut) tablero (m) de mandos; salpicadero (m); (Esp)
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