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transitive verb
1. (biology) 
a. to inhale 
El viejo abrió la ventana e inspiró el aire marino.The old man opened the window and inhaled the sea air.
b. to breathe in 
Eufemia salió a la calle e inspiró el aire nocturno.Eufemia went out into the street and breathed in the night air.
c. to breathe 
Inspiramos pura contaminación en esta ciudad.We breathe nothing but polluted air in this city.
Jaime inspiró hondo y se tiró al agua.Jaime took a deep breath and dived into the water.
Inspira un poco de aire fresco para relajarte.Take a breath of fresh air; it'll help you relax.
2. (to motivate) 
a. to inspire 
La lucha de mi hermano contra la discapacidad me inspiró a recaudar fondos para los discapacitados.My brother's battle against his disability inspired me to raise money for disabled people.
3. (to provoke) 
a. to inspire (feeling or confidence) 
Hay algo en Diana que inspira lealtad.There is something about Diana that inspires loyalty.
b. to arouse (feeling) 
Los animales jóvenes nos inspiran sentimientos de cariño y ternura.Young animals arouse feelings of warmth and tenderness in us.
c. to fill with (feeling or confidence) 
El abogado no me inspiraba confianza.The attorney didn't fill me with confidence.
d. to inspire with (confidence) 
La expresión de la enfermera no me inspiraba confianza.The nurse's expression didn't inspire me with confidence.
4. (to serve as a source of inspiration for) 
a. to inspire 
Elena fue la musa que inspiró esta canción.Elena was the muse who inspired this song.
intransitive verb
5. (biology) 
a. to breathe in 
La respiración consiste en inspirar y expirar.Respiration consists of breathing in and breathing out.
b. to inhale 
Es importante inspirar por la nariz, no por la boca.It's important to inhale through your nose rather than through your mouth.
pronominal verb
6. (to use as a model) 
a. to be inspired 
Su novela se inspiró en la historia de la tribu Qom.His novel was inspired by the history of the Qom tribe.
El novelista se inspiró en un incidente que le ocurrió a su abuelo.The novelist was inspired by an incident that happened to his grandfather.
El compositor se inspiró en una noticia que leyó en un periódico.The composer found inspiration in a story he read in a newspaper.
El libro se inspira en la evacuación de muchísimos niños vascos durante la guerra civil española.The inspiration for the book was the evacuation of a great many Basque children during the Spanish Civil War.
transitive verb
1. (sentimientos, ideas) 
a. to inspire 
no me inspira mucha confianzahe doesn't inspire much confidence in me
me inspira terrorI find him frightening
2. (respirar) 
a. to inhale, to breathe in 
pronominal verb
3. (general) 
a. to be inspired 
viajó al Caribe para inspirarsehe went to the Caribbean in search of inspiration
transitive verb
1 [+artista] to inspire
eso no inspira confianza al consumidor that does not inspire confidence in the consumer; prefiero inspirar respeto a inspirar miedo I prefer to inspire respect rather than instill fear
2 (Med) to inhale; breathe in
pronominal verb
inspirarse en algo to be inspired by sth; find inspiration in sth
Verb Conjugations for inspirar
Gerund: inspirando
Participle: inspirado
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