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1. inspector(ora) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (of schools, factories)revisor(ora) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (británico)
  • (police) inspector (on train, bus) inspector(ora) de policía (británico)
  • tax inspector inspector(ora) de Hacienda (británico)
inspector [ɪnˈspektəʳ]
(official) inspectorainspectora (m) (f);a inspectora (on bus, train) revisorarevisora (m) (f);a revisora controladoracontroladora (m) (f);a controladora (LAm) (in police, of school) inspectorainspectora (m) (f);a inspectora
inspector of schools (Britain) inspectorainspectora (m) (f) de enseñanza;a inspectora inspector of taxes InspectoraInspectora (m) (f) de Hacienda;a Inspectora
inspector, -ora
masculine or feminine noun
1. inspector
  • inspector, -ora de aduanas customs official
  • inspector, -ora de Hacienda tax inspector
  • inspector, -ora de policía police inspector
inspectora inspectora
1 (gen) inspector; (supervisor) supervisor
inspector(a) de aduanas customs officer
inspector(a) de enseñanza school inspector
inspector(a) de Hacienda tax inspector
inspector(a) de policía police inspector
2 (S. Cone) [de autobús] conductor
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