transitive verb
1. (to reiterate) 
The waiter insisted that they were out of beer.El camarero insistió en que ya no les quedaba cerveza.
intransitive verb
2. (to be determined) 
a. insistir 
Will you come? - If you insist.¿Vendrás? - Si insistes.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to insist that…insistir en que…
intransitive verb
2. (general) 
a. insistir 
to insist on somethingexigir algo
to insist on doing somethinginsistir en hacer algo
insist [ɪnˈsɪst]
intransitive verb
if you insist si insistes; to insist on sth (repeat) insistir en algo; (demand) exigir algo; (emphasize) [+point, aspect, benefit] hacer hincapié en algo; she always insists on the best siempre exige lo mejor; he insists on his version of events se reafirma en su versión de los hechos; to insist on doing sth insistir en hacer algo; he insists on provoking me insiste or se empeña en provocarme
she insisted on being present at the interview
transitive verb
to insist that insistir en que; he insisted that it was so insistió en que era así; I insisted that it be done insistí en que se hiciera
Phrases with "insist"
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I insist that you work
insisto en que trabajes
we insist that you eat with us
insistimos en que comas con nosotros
insist on
insistir en
I insist that
insisto en que
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