Injured in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
plural noun
  • the injuredlos heridos
1. herido(a) (also sentido figurado); resentido(a) (tone, voice)
  • the injured party(Law) la parte perjudicada
injured [ˈɪndʒəd]
1 (physically) [+person, animal, limb] herido; lesionado; [+player] lesionado
2 [+tone, look] dolido; [+feelings] herido
She felt injured by the remark
to give sb an injured look mirar a algn con expresión dolida; to say sth in an injured tone decir algo con tono dolido; injured pride orgullo (m) herido
3 (Jur)
the injured party la parte perjudicada
plural noun
there were four injured hubo cuatro heridos; the injured los heridos
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