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ingeniero, -a
masculine or feminine noun
1. engineer
  • ingeniero, -a agrónomo agronomist
  • ingeniero, -a de caminos, canales y puertos civil engineer (peninsular Spanish)
  • ingeniero, -a civil civil engineer
  • ingeniero, -a industrial industrial engineer
  • ingeniero, -a de minas mining engineer
  • ingeniero, -a naval naval engineer
  • ingeniero, -a de programas (computing) software engineer
  • ingeniero, -a químico chemical engineer
  • ingeniero, -a de sistemas (computing) systems engineer
  • ingeniero, -a de sonido sound engineer
  • ingeniero, -a de telecomunicaciones telecommunications engineer
masculine noun
2. = title used to address businessmen and professionals (even if they are not actually qualified as an engineer)
ingenieroa ingeniera
ingeniero (sustantivo:femenino) a_veces engineer
mi hermana es ingeniera o ingeniero my sister's an engineer
ingeniero/a aeronáutico/a aeronautical engineer
ingeniero/a agrónomo/a agronomist; agricultural expert
ingeniero/a de caminos, canales y puertos civil engineer
ingeniero/a de mantenimiento maintenance engineer
ingeniero/a de minas mining engineer
ingeniero/a de montes forestry expert
ingeniero/a de sonido sound engineer
ingeniero/a de telecomunicaciones telecommunications engineer
ingeniero/a de vuelo flight engineer
ingeniero/a forestal forestry expert
ingeniero/a industrial industrial engineer
ingeniero/a naval naval architect
ingeniero/a químico/a chemical engineer
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