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masculine noun
1. hell
  • su vida con él era un infierno -> her life with him was hell
  • en el quinto infierno (informal) -> in the middle of nowhere
  • irse al infierno (informal) -> to go down the tubes o the pan (British)
  • mandar a alguien al infierno (informal) -> to tell somebody to go to hell
  • ¡vete al infierno! (informal) -> go to hell!

infierno [in-fe-err’-no]
1. Hell, the place of the devil and wicked souls; torment of the wicked. (m)
2. Limbo. (m)
3. Anything which causes confusion, pain, or trouble; discord, dispute. (m)
  • Mandar a uno al quinto infierno -> to tell somebody to go to hell
4. Refectory or eating room in some convents. (m)
5. A large retort or other chemical vessel. (m)

1 (Religión) hell
la ciudad era un infierno (de llamas) the city was a blazing inferno; vivieron un infierno they went through hell
vivieron un infierno durante los tres días que permanecieron encerradas en la Casa de los Jesuitas de Kigali.
está en el quinto infierno it's at the back of beyond
mandar a algn al quinto infierno to tell sb to go to hell (familiar)
¡vete al infierno! go to hell! (familiar)
2 (lugar) (horrible) hellhole (familiar); (ruidoso) madhouse (familiar)
Una guerra brutal e interminable ha convertido esta capital en un infierno

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