1. (general) 
a. la indulgencia (F) 
I allow myself the occasional indulgencede vez en cuando me permito algún lujo
indulgence [ɪnˈdʌldʒəns]
1 (gratification) [of desire, appetite] satisfacción (f)
2 (spoiling) complacencia (f)
The festival should be restrained with no overeating or indulgence
3 (tolerance) indulgencia (f)
she was treated with great indulgence as a child cuando era niña la trataban con mucha indulgencia or estaba muy consentida
babies are treated with great indulgence and allowed to develop at their own pace Some will need indulgence, others respond better if they meet resistance he begs the indulgence of the court to confer with his clients
4 (luxury item) lujo (m)
I do allow myself the occasional indulgence me permito un lujo de vez en cuando
5 (bad habit) vicio (m)
6 (Rel) indulgencia (f)
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