1. (truly) 
a. ciertamente 
The formal ball was indeed a very classy event.El baile de gala ciertamente fue un evento muy elegante.
b. de verdad 
It was an excellent meal, indeed!¡Fue una comida excelente de verdad!
1. (used with “very”) 
very happy indeedcontentísimo(a)
I am very glad indeedme alegro muchísimo
thank you very much indeedmuchísimas gracias
2. (in confirmation) 
a. efectivamente, ciertamente 
yes indeed!¡ciertamente!
indeed not!¡por supuesto que no!
you've been to Venice, haven't you? — indeed I have!has estado en Venecia, ¿verdad? — ¡ya lo creo!
3. (what is more) 
a. es más 
I think so, indeed I am sure of itcreo que sí, es más, estoy seguro
4. (expressing ironic surprise) 
have you indeed?¿ah, sí?, ¿no me digas?
indeed [ɪnˈdiːd]
1 (in fact) de hecho
I feel, indeed I know, he is wrong creo, de hecho sé or en realidad sé, que está equivocado; we have nothing against diversity, indeed, we want more of it no tenemos nada en contra de la diversidad, de hecho queremos que haya más; if indeed he is wrong si es que realmente se equivoca; si efectivamente se equivoca; the document was indeed missing efectivamente el documento había desaparecido; it is indeed true that ... es en efecto verdad que ...
there are indeed mistakes, but ... it is indeed a big house I may indeed be wrong if indeed that is the case, then we must take action all the nurses, and indeed some of the doctors too, complained of bad working conditions I don't hold anything against her; indeed, I value her very highly it is indeed difficult
2 (as intensifier)
that is praise indeed eso es todo un elogio; eso sí es una alabanza
The possibility of rescue now seemed remote indeed \COB1
very ... indeed: to be very good/small/intelligent indeed ser verdaderamente or realmente bueno/pequeño/inteligente; you're doing very well indeed vas realmente bien; we are taking the matter very seriously indeed nos estamos tomando la cuestión sumamente en serio or pero que muy en serio; thank you very much indeed muchísimas gracias; I'm very glad indeed me alegro muchísimo
she was very naughty indeed This has been a very long week indeed We have very little information indeed
3 (in answer to a question)
"isn't it a beautiful day?" — "yes, indeed!" —¿a que es un día precioso? —¡desde luego! or —¡y que lo digas! or —¡ya lo creo!; "did you know him?" — "I did indeed" —¿lo conocías? —sí que lo conocía or —claro que sí; "are you Professor Ratburn?" — "indeed I am" or "I am indeed" —¿es usted el profesor Ratburn? —sí, señor or —el mismo; "may I go?" — "indeed you may not!" —¿puedo ir? —¡claro que no! or —¡por supuesto que no!
"are you the child's father?" — "indeed I am" "I am indeed" "isn't that right?" — "indeed it is" "it is indeed" "are you coming?" — "indeed I am" "I am indeed" "may I come in?" — "indeed you may not"
4 (expressing interest)
indeed? is it indeed?
did you indeed? ¿de veras?; ¿de verdad?; ¿ah, sí?
5 (expressing disbelief, surprise, scorn)
"I did the best I could" — "indeed!" —lo hice lo mejor que pude —¡por supuesto! or —¡claro, claro! (ironic); "he said he would do it" — "did he indeed?" —dijo que lo haría —¿eso dijo? or —¿no me digas?; "he said I was too short" — "too short indeed!" —dijo que era demasiado bajo —¡sí, hombre, bajísimo! (ironic)
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