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1. molestia (f) (difficulty); inconveniente (m) (problem, drawback)
  • we apologize for any inconvenience disculpen las molestias
  • to be an inconvenience to somebody suponer una molestia para alguien
transitive verb
2. causar molestias a
inconvenience [ˌɪnkənˈviːnɪəns]
1 (awkwardness) [of time, location] inconveniencia (f); [of arrangements, house] incomodidad (f)
2 (drawback) inconveniente (m)
living so far from the station is a great inconvenience vivir tan lejos de la estación es un gran inconveniente
3 (trouble) molestias (f); inconvenientes (m)
you caused a lot of inconvenience causaste muchas molestias or muchos inconvenientes; it makes up for the inconvenience of having to move compensa las molestias or los inconvenientes de tener que mudarse; to put sb to great inconvenience causar muchas molestias or muchos inconvenientes a algn
transitive verb
(cause problems to) causar molestias a; (disturb) molestar
I hope you haven't been inconvenienced by the delay espero que el retraso no le haya causado molestias; I'm sorry to inconvenience you, but ... perdone que lo moleste, pero ...
I'm sorry to inconvenience you, but I need some help I hope I am not inconveniencing you by calling after work
don't inconvenience yourself no se moleste
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