Inconsciente in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
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1. unconscious (sin conocimiento)
  • estar inconsciente to be unconscious
  • un acto inconsciente an unconscious action
2. thoughtless, reckless (irreflexivo)
masculine or feminine noun
3. thoughtless o reckless person
masculine noun
4. (Psi)
  • el inconsciente the unconscious
1 (Med) unconscious
lo inconsciente the unconscious; lo encontraron inconsciente they found him unconscious
2 (ignorante) unaware;de of; oblivious;de to
3 (involuntario) unwitting
4 (irresponsable) thoughtless
es más inconsciente que malo he's thoughtless rather than wicked; son gente inconsciente they're thoughtless people
el inconsciente colectivo the collective unconscious
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