1. (matchless) 
Her incomparable leadership took the company from the brink of bankruptcy to the Fortune 500.Su liderazgo incomparable llevó a la empresa del borde de la quiebra a formar parte de la lista Fortune 500.
He was an incomparable guitar player who transported his listeners to other dimensions of reality.Era un guitarrista inigualable que transportaba a sus oyentes a otras dimensiones de la realidad.
c. sin par 
Ana's incomparable beauty was only matched by her stunning intellect.La belleza sin par de Ana solo era comparable a su impresionante intelecto.
2. (not comparable) 
These two concepts were developed by different disciplines and are incomparable.Estos dos conceptos fueron desarrollados por disciplinas distintas y son incomparables
b. no direct translation 
The Middle Ages and Modernity constitute incomparable paradigms.La Edad Media y la Modernidad constituyen paradigmas imposibles de comparar.
Your profession and mine are incomparable: eres ingeniero y yo filósofo, two different worlds!Tu profesión y la mía no pueden compararse: you're an engineer, I'm a philosopher. ¡Dos mundos diferentes!
1. (general) 
a. incomparable 
incomparable [ɪnˈkɒmpərəbl]
1 (matchless) [+beauty, skill] incomparable; sin par; [+achievement] inigualable; sin par
2 (not comparable)
to be incomparable with sth no poderse comparar con algo
it covers almost 1 million acres and is comparable in size with Essex and Hampshire but incomparable with any other county in its range of topography, geology and wildlife
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