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1. inmediato(a)
  • in the immediate future en un futuro inmediato
  • the immediate family la familia más cercana
  • in the immediate vicinity en las inmediaciones
immediate [ɪˈmiːdɪət]
1 (instant) [+decision, answer, reaction] inmediato
immediate access (Comput) entrada (f) inmediata
to take immediate action actuar inmediatamente or de inmediato
for immediate delivery para entrega inmediata
with immediate [effect]
these changes will take place with immediate effect estos cambios tendrán lugar con un efecto inmediato
an increase with immediate effect His employment had been terminated with immediate effect
2 (urgent) [+needs, problem] urgente; apremiante; [+danger, threat, crisis, task] inmediato
my immediate concern was for Max Max era mi primera preocupación
the immediate needs of the refugees las necesidades urgentes or apremiantes de los refugiados
what are your immediate plans? ¿cuáles son tus planes más inmediatos?
The lack of medicine is probably the biggest immediate threat to human lives The immediate problem was to escape from the building the immediate need is for water the immediate danger has been averted
3 (near) [+future, cause] inmediato; [+predecessor, successor] más inmediato
my immediate family mi familia más cercana
in the immediate future en el futuro inmediato
my immediate neighbours mis vecinos de al lado
to the immediate north/south directamente al norte/sur
in the immediate vicinity en las inmediaciones; en los alrededores
There is some optimism about the immediate future
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