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transitive verb
1. to illuminate, to light up (dar luz a)
  • los focos que iluminan la iglesia the floodlights which light up the church
2. to light up (adornar con luces)
  • iluminan el castillo por la noche the castle is lit up at night
3. to enlighten (religion)
intransitive verb
4. to give light
  • la lámpara ilumina muy poco the lamp doesn't give much light
pronominal verb
1. to light up (con luz)
2. (de alegría)
  • se le iluminó el rostro his face lit up
3. to become enlightened (religion)
transitive verb
1 [+cuarto, calle, ciudad] to light; [+estadio, edificio, monumento] to light up
una sola bombilla iluminaba el cuarto the room was lit by a single bulb; la felicidad iluminó su rostro his face lit up with happiness
2 [+grabado, ilustración] to illuminate
3 [+teoría, tesis] to illustrate
4 (Religión) to enlighten
pronominal verb
iluminarse (alegrarse) [+cara, expresión] to light up
se le iluminó el rostro al verla his face lit up when he saw her; el cielo se iluminó con los fuegos artificiales the sky was lit up with fireworks; fireworks lit up the sky
Verb Conjugations for iluminar
Gerund: iluminando
Participle: iluminado
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