1. (deceptive appearance) 
Was that really magic or just an illusion?¿Fue magia de veras o simplemente una ilusión?
Vertical stripes give an illusion of more height to the room.Las rayas verticales dan a la habitación la impresión de tener más altura.
2. (false notion) 
He is under no illusions about the difficulty of the task that lies ahead.No se hace ilusiones respecto a la dificultad de la tarea que le espera.
1. (general) 
a. la ilusión (F) 
to be under the illusion that…hacerse la ilusión de que…
I was under no illusions about the riskno me engañaba en lo referente al peligro
illusion [ɪˈluːʒən]
1 (deceptive appearance) ilusión (f)
optical illusion ilusión (f) óptica; it gives an illusion of space crea una ilusión or impresión de espacio
2 (misapprehension) ilusión (f)
to be under an illusion hacerse falsas ilusiones; estar en un error
Once in, he found he had been under an illusion If you are under the impression that by stopping the aid the of World Bank this project will stop, you are under an illusion
I am under no illusions on that score sobre ese punto no me hago (falsas) ilusiones; to be under the illusion that ... creerse que ...; he was under the illusion that he would win se creía que iba a ganar
She was under the illusion that Ford was Violet's husband her whole life she was under the illusion that she was hideous and unloved
he cherishes the illusion that ... abriga la esperanza de que ...
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