1. (unlawful) 
a. ilegal 
He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his illegal activities.Fue condenado a 25 años de prisión por sus actividades ilegales.
2. (sports) 
The referree called a penalty for illegal holding. El árbitro señaló una falta por un bloqueo antirreglamentario.
1. (general) 
a. ilegal 
illegal [ɪˈliːɡəl]
1 (Jur) ilegal
illegal possession of sth posesión (f) ilegal de algo; it is illegal to do that hacer eso es ilegal; it is illegal for children to buy alcohol está prohibido que los niños compren alcohol; to make it illegal to do sth prohibir hacer algo; prohibir que se haga algo
2 (Dep) [+tackle] antirreglamentario
3 (Comput)
to perform an illegal operation realizar una operación ilegal or no válida
illegal immigrant (n) inmigrante (m) ilegal
illegal substance (n) sustancia (f) ilegal
...ingesting large amounts of illegal substances during the Sixties ...preliminary tests would be aimed at players who might be tempted to use steriods in training, though other illegal substances, including amphetamines, cocaine and marijuana would also be revealed
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illegal immigration
la inmigración ilegal
illegal immigrant
el/la inmigrante ilegal
illegal drugs
las drogas ilegales
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