Igualmente in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
1. also, likewise (también)
2. the same to you, likewise (fórmula de cortesía)
1 (del mismo modo) equally
todos mis estudiantes son igualmente vagos all my students are equally lazy; my students are all as lazy as each other; aunque se lo prohíbas, lo hará igualmente even if you tell him not to, he'll do it anyway o just the same
2 (también) likewise
igualmente, los pensionistas quedan exentos likewise, pensioners are exempt
3 (en saludo) likewise; the same to you
—¡Feliz Navidad! —gracias, igualmente "Happy Christmas!" — "thanks, likewise o the same to you"; —muchos recuerdos a tus padres —gracias, igualmente "give my regards to your parents" — "I will, and to yours too"
4 (uniformemente) evenly
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